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Filename Date Size
Visual Guidelines [PDF] 27.02.2018 314kb
PhD Hub Logo [PNG] 27.02.2018 111kb
PhD Hub Flyer 27.02.2018 1Mo
PhD Hub semantic annotation 04.07.2018 107kb
Guidelines on international cooperation in doctoral education 14.10.2018 1Mo
Guidelines on University-Business cooperation in doctoral studies 14.11.2018 807kb
Local hub strategies: the European PhD Hub vision 03.04.2019 292kb
Alcalá Hub strategy 29.03.2019 401kb
Lodz Hub strategy 29.03.2019 207kb
Birmingham Hub strategy 29.03.2019 369kb
Thessaloniki Hub strategy 29.03.2019 234kb
How to build a relevant PhD Hub strategy – A practical guide 01.08.2019 207kb
3-step application process to join the PhD Hub as an Institution 11.05.2020 139kb