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Data Stewardship

Universitetet i Tromsoe - Norges Arktiske Universitet
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The online course in Data Stewardship provides an introduction to research data management. Managing research data in accordance with good practices is an easily transferable and sought-after skill both within and outside of academia. In many areas of the non-academic sphere data management is vital, and competencies and skills within this topic are therefore in high demand.

Transferable Skills:  Data analysis; Disciplinary knowledge and terminology; Ethics and integrity; Information presentation and visualisation; Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Interdisciplinarity; Job searching; Knowledge transfer within and across sectors; Open Data management; Open Education; Open Licensing; Open Source; Organisation and optimisation; Problem-solving; Project management; Time management.

The course is available here.

A set of courses on transferable skills have been developed by an EU funded project, and will be available as Open Educational Resources by December 2022. Developed with three modules (online lectures, local working groups and regional assignments, they are designed to be easily adapted and integrated into existing doctoral training programmes.

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