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D442003. Exploring Physiological Wellness Through Exertion Based Immersive Activity

Expired on 21/11/2022
Universidad de Alcala
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Computer science

Hybrid conference (remote and in site): Dr. Joey Campbell, Profesor e investigador, Munster Technological University (Cork, Ireland).

Joey Campbell's research focuses on enhancing physical exertion through the medium of physiologically controlled immersive video games. An influential area on his work to date relates to relinquishing control, i.e. if people are willing to relinquish ‘task’ control to a fitness coach such as CrossFit, BootCamps or Personal Trainers, would they also be willing to relinquish ‘physical’ control to a virtual coach. If technology could anticipate an athlete's potential, then a virtual trainer might be able to emulate one of the roles of a real coach; not by motivating the athlete but by enforcing output through automated control if potential wasn’t being reached. During his presentation he will cover the technical development of several bespoke virtual and physical interface designs, the motivation behind each of the studies and the unique contributions.

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