Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Lodz

  • For those who have chosen a scientific career after graduation, the University of Lodz offers the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree in the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences.

    University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences brings together doctoral students of the following disciplines: sociological sciences, economics and finance, legal sciences, pedagogy, psychology, socio-economic geography and spatial management, management and quality sciences, political and administrative sciences. The program provides the Doctoral Student with an opportunity to obtain qualifications at an advanced level in the field not only related to the process of planning and executing a dissertation, but also including professional training (strengthening research skills and improving teaching qualifications) and personal development (soft skills, including the ability to pro-actively plan own career and develop competences related to creative problem solving). These skills are indispensable not only for the successful completion of the Doctoral School, but also for the development of a professional career.

    The main learning outcome is to broaden and further reinforce the knowledge of doctoral students in the field of a chosen scientific discipline. The knowledge and skills acquired during education shall prepare the Doctoral Student for independent planning, designing and conducting scientific research within the framework of an Individual Research Plan (IPB). Doctoral students who have completed their education at University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences will be prepared to critically evaluate the results of scientific research, which are the basis for scientific publications, as well as to effectively share the findings with the international scientific community. Another key learning outcome is to prepare the Doctoral Student to conduct didactic work at the level of a university by utilizing the acquired scientific knowledge using the latest methods of communication. A graduate of University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences will obtain competences enabling engaging in individual and team research conducted in national and international research teams, which will result in responsible application of the acquired knowledge and research findings in an innovative economy and for the benefit of the society.

    The study program includes courses in the fields of management, economics, finance, law, psychology, sociology, methodology of scientific work, didactics, as well as general and specialization subjects. Doctoral students may also attend lectures selected according to their interests and in order to deepen specialist knowledge. The Study Program takes into account current theoretical concepts in social sciences and trends regarding the application of research results in practice, providing doctoral students with opportunities for further scientific development. The Study Program enables doctoral students to participate in international exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus+, seminars, and conferences) and inter-university exchange programs (e.g. MOST).

    Dr. hab. Ilona Świątek-Barylska, prof. UL from the Department of Organization and Management Methodology at the Faculty of Management, is in charge of the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences.

  • Funded: Not Funded

    Master Degree: Required

    Tuition Fees: € 10000.00

    Duration: 22 Months

    Full/Part Time: Part Time

    Starting Date: 01 September 2021

    Deadline to Apply: 30 June 2023

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