Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences at the University of Lodz

  • For those who have chosen a scientific career after graduation, the University of Lodz offers the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree in the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

    The Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences brings together doctoral students in the following disciplines: mathematics; biological sciences; chemical sciences; physical sciences; Earth and environmental sciences. The program provides the Doctoral Student  with the opportunity to obtain qualifications at an advanced level in the field not only related to the process of dissertation, but also covering professional training (strengthening the research workshop and raising qualifications in the field of teaching) and personal development (soft skills, including actively planning own career and developing creative problem solving). These skills are necessary not only for successful completion of education at the Doctoral School, but also for the development of a professional career.

    The key learning objective is to broaden and deepen the knowledge of doctoral students in the field of a selected scientific discipline in an interdisciplinary environment, enabling placing the competences related to a given scientific discipline in a broader context. The knowledge and skills acquired during education will prepare the Doctoral Student for independent planning, designing, and conducting scientific research as part of the Individual Research Plan – IPB. Doctoral students who have completed their education at the Doctoral School will be prepared to critically evaluate the results of scientific research, which serves as the basis for scientific publications, as well as to disseminate the findings among the international scientific community. Moreover, the Doctoral Student shall learn how to conduct didactic work at the level of a university by combining the acquired scientific knowledge using the latest methods of communication. A graduate of the Doctoral School will develop competences enabling conducting individual and team research (especially interdisciplinary) in national and international research teams, which will result in responsible application of acquired knowledge and research findings in an innovative economy and for the benefit of the society.

    Dr. hab. Elżbieta-Kuźniak-Gębarowska, prof. UL from the Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, has been appointed director of the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences.

  • Funded: Not Funded

    Master Degree: Required

    Tuition Fees: € 10000.00

    Duration: 20 Months

    Full/Part Time: Part Time

    Starting Date: 01 September 2021

    Deadline to Apply: 29 June 1923