The Research Center „Metrology, Measurement Systems and Innovative Materials” integrates young and experienced researchers with the Department of Electrical Measurements and Electrotechnical Materials, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Iași, Romania.
Our structure was recognized by CNCSIS (Romanian National Council of Scientific Research from High Education Institutes) as Centre of Excellence since 2001. This national recognition was confirmed by the ulterior achievements, synthetically here presented:
•        43 grants / research contracts won in national competitions in the last 5 years;
•        6 research contracts won in international competition (FP6 , bilateral cooperation ) also in the last 5 years;
•        about three and a half million euro actually received in the last five years for these grants and contracts.
The main research domains are:
•        Methods and techniques for the characterization of bio and nano materials;
•        Techniques and methods for monitoring the environmental parameters;
•        Distributed systems for measurement and control;
•        Research on measuring and reducing the electromagnetic pollution;
•        Advanced techniques for determining the electro-chemical properties of materials.
Our laboratories have modern equipment; the value of investments done in the last three years in the modernization of research infrastructure exceeds the equivalent of 1 million euro.
We are deeply involved in developing new or already existing  partnerships and scientific collaborations with universities , research institutes and companies from home and abroad.