Faculty of Material Science and Engineering

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

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  • Established in 1990, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering prepares professionals currently in three major industrial areas: Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

    Master studies are structured in four areas: Advanced Materials and techniques for experimental analysis (MAT), advances in materials engineering processing (TAIPM), both in the area of Materials Engineering; Systems Technology Industry (SITM) and engineering safety and health (ISSM), (Industrial Engineering area).

    The doctoral school in MATERIALS ENGINEERING area covers all aspects of research in this domain, starting with surface engineering and developing new materials and process optimization.

    Expertise in the area of Materials Engineering covers (in alphabetical order):

    • Alloys with high corrosion resistance used in medical field
    • ANSYS CFD simulation (Fluent)/numerical approach
    • Corrosion of metallic materials
    • Damping capacity metallic materials
    • Energy efficiency of heat exchangers
    • Ferrous alloys melting
    • Fundamental heat transfer
    • Heating equipment
    • Materials analysis
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Metallic and non-metallic thin layers
    • Metals forming, unconventional technologies, electromagnetic forming
    • Microstructural analyze equipment (SEM, OM, AFM)
    • New heat transfer fluids
    • Non destructive testing
    • Obtaining and characterizing biomaterials
    • Obtaining and characterizing layers
    • Obtaining and characterizing thin films
    • Occupational Risk Assessment
    • Processing and characterization of metallic materials
    • Scanning electron microscopy
    • Severe plastic deformation
    • Shape memory smart alloys
    • Simulation of plastic deformation processes
    • Surface Engineering
    • Thermal analysis: Differential scanning calorimetry
    • Thermal deposition coatings
    • Thermochemical Treatments
    • Tribology of thermal deposition coatings