Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

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72 Professors
1591 Students
3 Research Teams
  • Following the 2011 national evaluation round, our University is recognized as an Advanced Education and Research University (the highest category in Romania).
    Our faculty is classified as a class-A higher education institution, ranked on the second place among all Romanian faculties of Electronics and Telecommunications.
    – 1591 undergraduate and Master students;
    – 45 Ph.D. students;
    – 72 academic staff;
    Profile: Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies
    Applied Electronics;
    Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies;
    Telecommunication Technologies and Systems (RO and EN);
    4 departments:
    Applied Electronics and Intelligent Systems;
    Fundamentals of Electronics;
    Telecommunications and Information Technologies;
    Mathematics and Informatics;
    Master programs:
    Advanced Applied Electronics Systems (SAEA);
    Digital Radiocommunications (RD);
    Modern Signal Processing Techniques (TMPS);
    Communication Networks (RCOM);
    Intelligent Electronic Systems and Industrial Informatics (SEIII);
    Automotive Electronic Control Systems (AECS) – only in English;
    Information Technologies for Telecommunications (IT4T) – only in English;
    – 3 research centers: CERFS, PRODATA, MODSIMNANO;
    – 10 PhD advisors;
    – official IEEE symposium: International Symposium on Signals, Circuits & Systems (ISSCS); http://scs.etti.tuiasi.ro/isscs2019/

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