Short description

The goal of this program is to give regular courses to students and prepare them for obtaining a scientific degree, and to offer them teaching experience in higher education. The objective is to train computer science and info-communication technology experts with professional knowledge based on solid theoretical background. The Doctoral School of Informatics provides PhD education in four doctoral programs:

  • Information systems,
  • Numeric and symbolic computations,
  • Foundation and methodology of informatics,
  • Informatics teaching methodology.

We have many scholarships and research work possibilities for doctoral students: e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum, EIT Digital and EFOP.

Strength of program

The high standard of the training is guaranteed by the highly qualified academic staff. Teachers and supervisors come from the Faculty of Informatics and research institutes (e.g. the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Rényi Alfréd Institute of Mathematics).
Teaching is supported by modern infrastructure and well equipped computer labs (artificial intelligence, databases and robotics).
The library of the Faculty contains several thousand volumes, with an access to a wide range of electronic publications and data bases.
The Faculty has concluded bilateral agreements with numerous universities in the world, which allow the PhD students to study one or two semesters or participate in research projects at a partner institution.

We also welcome students to take part in EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Program, and in the EIT Digital Doctoral School Program which operates in collaboration with industrial partners like Ericsson, Bosch, eGroup, Deutsche Telekom, Magyar Telekom, etc. Examples of industrial topics are 5G edge computing programming assessment/ Test data generator utilizing machine learning techniques/ Towards a comprehensive Quality of Service framework for next-generation networks.

Career opportunities

Students obtaining the PhD degree successfully apply for positions in the academia or in higher education. Another option is for them to find an excellent job in the software industry. Many international companies operate research labs in the region and recruit CS and ICT experts possessing a PhD. Small or medium sized innovative companies employ outstanding professionals as project leaders. In the long term, a PhD degree is a vantage-point in the labour market. Finally, high quality doctoral research can also culminate in a successful product and in a private start-up company.