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The Doctoral School of History was founded in 1993 within the Faculty of Arts of ELTE and was accredited in 1994.

Since its foundation, the school’s syllabus has gradually expanded and the number of PhD programmes has also risen accordingly. These programmes receive support from the Institute of Historical Studies, the Institute of Archaeological Studies, the Institute for Ancient and Classical Studies and the Institute of Oriental Studies. The staff comprises teachers from these departments.

Strength of program

In order to cover the fields of science more thoroughly, DSH has made it its policy to encourage colleagues to participate in the work and research conducted in the workshops of the school. Besides the teachers of ELTE, accredited fellows have been invited from other universities, the institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, from national archives and museums. The quality of education has been further improved by classes held partly in foreign languages by foreign professors and internationally recognized scholars.

In accordance with the School’s original goals, the programmes cover both universal and Hungarian history from the Ancient Times to the present. To meet this significant professional challenge, the School offers three types of training:

  1. Hungarian and world history are dealt with in seven programmes in chronological order: ancient history; medieval and early modern world history; medieval Hungarian history; early modern Hungarian history; modern and contemporary world history; modern and contemporary Hungarian history; and the history of Eastern Europe;
  2. there are five thematic programmes available: auxiliary studies of history; economic and social history; cultural history; Atelier European historiography and social sciences; the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey;
  3. three programmes focus on other history-related sciences: archaeology; Assyriology and Hebraic-Judaic studies; Egyptology.

The aims of the programs are to prepare students for obtaining their PhD degree through acquisition of latest research methodologies, participation in conferences and teaching expertise in higher education.

For further reference, thesis topic proposals of DSH for Spring 2021 can be found at Hungarian Doctoral Council (

Career opportunities

According to the latest entrance exam statistics the Faculty of Humanities is home of the best and most gifted students nationwide. With nearly 8,000 students, the Faculty has been a stronghold of scientific knowledge all over Hungary. Employers inside and outside Hungary are aware that a graduate from ELTE BTK will be of an extremely high standard. Coming to our faculty will increase your career prospects by the time you earn your degree.

Job examples: Research Institutes, Universities, Museums, Diplomacy, Press and Media

How to Apply?

If you are interested apply here: [PhD] Doctoral School of History – Eötvös Loránd University (

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