Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences

Eötvös Loránd University

Faculty of Science

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Short description

The goal of this program is to develop scientific skills necessary to identify and analyze environmental issues. Students will learn critical thinking, problem solving and skeptical inquiry skills and use them to propose solutions to environmental problems.

This program is recommended to applicants who have a solid interest in environmental problems, and has not yet decided her/his specified field of scientific orientation and depending on her/his interest and background knowledge, projects can be shifted to different directions because of their open structure and flexible organization.

This program enables students to join the work of internationally respected research groups. We offer training in up-to-date experimental methods and field exercises besides the solid theoretical background education.

Strength of program

The Doctoral School offers specialized training in the following directions in environmental sciences: environmental biology, environmental chemistry, environmental physics, or environmental geosciences. Emphasis is on the application of the given discipline in complex research projects, such as water quality changes and management, risk analysis and mitigation in various human and natural environments, renewable energy research, etc.

Career opportunities

Our doctoral graduates find employment in various places such as environmental companies and organizations, governmental bodies and agencies, international organizations dealing with cross-border environmental activities, and many others in education.

Open Positions