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  • The Faculty of Primary and Preschool Education (TÓK) has a long-standing history. The first state-sponsored teachers’ college to was created to provide instruction in early education and our institution dedicated itself to this task in 1869, thanks to the landmark public education law championed by Hungary’s first Minister of Education, József Eötvös (1813-1871). As befits a flagship institution, TÓK has always remained true to its original mission throughout our nation’s turbulent history. Since 2000 we have continued to preserve this time-honored tradition within our capacity as an independent faculty of Eötvös Loránd University.

    Throughout the past 150 years our programs have continuously evolved to reflect the demands of a changing society while also striving to develop a professional, academic network that extends throughout the field of Childhood Education in both Hungary and abroad, from our neighboring countries to more far-flung international institutions. We take great pride in ensuring that every aspect of our training programs in continuing education contribute toward the introduction and dissemination of the latest research findings in education.

    This is not to say that our highly respected traditions do not seamlessly accommodate our modern techniques: the Faculty’s aim is to encourage the kind of playful attitude, joy and openness toward others that day cares, preschools and primary schools expect to provide in the 21st century. An atmosphere of curiosity and receptivity toward science and the arts characterizes our Faculty, as is demonstrated by the richness of our degree programs: 2017 marked the addition of Drawing and Visual Culture to the subjects in which our students can specialize. Thanks to the broad array of activities led by our staff and lecturers, our students can develop their talents in artistic, literary, theatrical and athletic programs that enrich life at TÓK.

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