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  • The Faculty of Law has a long-standing history. As part of the University, this is one of the oldest public institutions of the country. It has been more than 350 years since on 2 January 1667 – on the basis of the last will and donation of Imre Lósy and György Lippay, archbishops of Esztergom – our Faculty was established as the first law faculty in this country which has been continually operating ever since. Its operation spans over eras and state borders. Its international relations have been highly significant for centuries with special regard to French, German and Italian speaking countries and at the moment, it cooperates with more than 110 foreign law faculties in the framework of the Erasmus programme of the European Union.

    In 2006 the Faculty was named a Place of Excellence in recognition of its outstanding results in higher education. Our Faculty maintains wide-ranging international relations primarily with universities in Europe and we are also involved in educational and research projects with similar institutions.

    Integrating research and education into the European Higher education Area and fostering international educational ties are our main intentions in the future. Therefore we wish to expand our international ties in research, education and student exchange not only in Europe but overseas as well. For this purpose there are already a great number of courses and educational programmes in foreign languages available at our Faculty, some even involve outstanding instructors from abroad.

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Budapest, Egyetem tér 1–3. 1117 phdjur@ajk.elte.hu; pol.doktori@ajk.elte.hu; +36 1 411 6500