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  • The Faculty of Science has a long-lasting history. Eötvös Loránd University has been offering science courses since its foundation in 1635. Mathematics, physics and cartography were taught from the beginning at the Faculty of Arts. Chemistry, biology and Earth sciences were added to the curriculum by the second half of the 18th century. Following the rapid development of sciences, the independent Faculty of Science was formed from the science departments of the Faculty of Arts in 1949. After 2002, the students of the Faculty of Science study at the new campus in the south of Buda, which is the most modern campus in Hungary.

    In virtue of its Deed of Foundation, the Research Centre for Natural Sciences (TTK) has carried out multidisciplinary research activities in natural sciences, in the fields of enzymology, organic chemistry, cognitive neuroscience and psychology, as well as materials- and environmental chemistry. According to international trends of research in natural sciences and social expectations the Research Centre for Natural Sciences has fulfilled its scientific mission in the fields of research in health science, materials- and environmental science, respectively.

    The Research Centre for Natural Sciences has had a great scientific, technical, educational and social mission to fulfil in the European Union, and within this, especially in Hungary.

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