7200 Students
  • The Faculty of Humanities started academic work right after foundation, on 13 November 1635, and save for a few years of war-induced forced recess (in the 17th century), it has been in continuous operation ever since. The student body of the Faculty was initially rather low in number, but it increased exponentially from the 1860s onwards.

    We offer an extremely wide choice of degree courses both at BA and MA level as well as PHD programs. Proof of the exceptionally high standard of education is the ever-growing interest in our programs. Our Faculty occupies a leading position in almost all fields, and is in many cases the only institution providing a particular program not only within Hungary, but throughout Eastern Europe, and thus accounts for the development of specialists within that field in the whole region.

    The objective of the Faculty is to teach special subjects that deal with the evolution of human culture, its content and intellectual essence.

Contact Info

Budapest, Múzeum körút 4/A, B, C, D, F, I and 6–8, 6–8/A 1088 horvath.zsolt@btk.elte.hu +36 1 485 5200