Innovative virtual and augments simulations for medical education

  • The undergraduate medical curriculum relies on students learning a range of essential clinical skills that they will need to put into practise when they become qualified doctors. Many of the skills can be difficult to master and are currently learnt from either textbooks or from tutoring by doctors. Neither approach is ideal because 1) text-based approaches do not reflect the practical nature of the clinical skills and 2) the time that the clinicians have available to them to instruct the students is limited. Therefore, computer-based simulations are playing an increasingly important role in medical education and training.

    This project will build upon the existing work of Dr Wilson (Wilson et al., 2017a; Wilson et al., 2017b; Wilson et al., 2018) looking to further develop important computer simulations to support clinical training. The computer-based simulations will be based around augmented, virtual reality and/or serious games to teach undergraduate medical students a range of essential clinical skills. They will be evaluated in the target population for their efficacy, usability and user experience.

    The potential candidate would be expected to be familiar with programming computer games technology, virtual and augmented reality as well as game-based learning.

    More information on the project, from potential impact to references, can be found on the accompanying PDF.

    To apply, please complete the project proposal form and the online application.

  • Duration: 36 Months

    Deadline to Apply: 19 January 2020

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