Doctorate of Business Administration (Part Time) – DBA

  • Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) course is intended to assist career professionals who wish to enhance, contribute to and transform practice. It is a professional doctorate completed on a part-time (Executive) basis. An internationally established highest level qualification, the programme enables you to earn the title of Doctor without putting your career on hold.

    The programme will enhance your professional capabilities, credibility and standing, and you will contribute to practice through action research.

    What’s covered in the course?

    In the first half (the structured phase) of the programme, you will attend on a ‘block delivery’ basis, which allows you to focus on one part of the course at a time.

    The DBA is designed to help you apply action research-based thinking to ideas in practice and work, or practice-based problems whilst deepening and broadening your understanding of application to professional practice.

    You will also develop essential research skills which will enable you to play a leading role in strategic and operational development, policy formation and evaluation in practice.

    Our DBA is aimed at enhancing the level of professional capabilities and credibility of practising professionals, and the research undertaken on the programme is focused on contributing to, and transforming practice.

    The course combines workshops, research-based activities and a substantial research enquiry thesis.

    For more information please visit https://www.bcu.ac.uk/courses/doctorate-in-business-administration-dba-2019-20


  • Duration: 60 Months

    Full/Part Time: Part Time