Digital Media Technology Research Degrees – PhD

  • The School of Computing and Digital Technology welcomes enquiries relating to digital audio processing, digital image and video processing, animation and virtual environment, and web and social media technologies.

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    What’s covered in the course?

    A PhD, “Doctor of Philosophy”, is the highest-level qualification, based on individual and detailed research, resulting in a thesis of about 80,000 words.

    DMT School offers specialist supervision if you wish to pursue research programmes for the award of PhD. You may undertake your research either full-time or part-time. If you are accepted for PhD research you will be assigned to a Director of Studies (your main supervisor) and at least one second supervisor. There will be a programme of training workshops and seminars to support you.

    As a research student in the Digital Media Technology School you will join a versatile research centre as well as having access to our industry-standard equipment and academic resources. You will be encouraged to take part in the research seminars, to publish in collaboration with your supervisors and to take part in research conferences nationally and (where possible) internationally.

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  • Duration: 36 Months