Computational analysis of style in traditional fiddle playing

  • The fiddle, dimensionally the same as a violin but played in a folk style, has been historically central to the traditional music of the British Isles and many European countries. Since the middle ages, it has been one of the most popular instruments for accompanying traditional dancing (Ling, 1997). As one of the most widely played folk instruments, musicians who play in a range of folk styles are widely accessible, including those participating in the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s Folk Ensemble.

    This project is an excellent way to provide a PhD student with a project that comes from a team with a proven track record and a subject area where there is relatively easy access to musicians and associated data. It is also an excellent way to explore an important next step in research that brings together computational, musicological and ethnographic study.

    More information on the project, from potential impact to references, can be found on the accompanying PDF.

    To apply, please complete the project proposal form and the online application.

  • Duration: 36 Months

    Deadline to Apply: 19 January 2020

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