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  • Dear PhD Students,

    The Innovation Fest is an exhibition of creative talent from the Faculty of CEBE at Birmingham City University allowing our students to engage in enterprise and develop themselves as future innovators. The 2020 Innovation Festival will be taking place from 26th to 29th May in its very first online version and is inviting BCU PhD students to interchange between academia and business as part of their continuous professional development at the Birmingham PhD Hub.

    MyResearch4Industry contest will offer the PhD students the opportunity to present in 5-7 minutes on the significance of their research and its potential business application or impact. A panel composed of industry and academic experts will evaluate their pitch and will award the prizes below to support the PhD students’ activities for industry engagement and development,

    • Winner: £1500
    • Runner Up: £1000
    • 3rdPlace: £500
    • All participants will get an Approved PhD Hub Certificate.
    • The winner of MyResearch4Industry will advance to enter the STEAM-Santander Pitch event alongside the winners of the other Innovation Fest pitching events. Further prizes will be awarded as well as support from the STEAM Incubator to enable the winners’ entrepreneurial ventures.


    If you wish to participate, these are the terms of the competition:

    Every participant is required to be registered on the PhD Hub platform. The contest will be taking place in two phases evaluated by a panel composed of industry and academic experts.

    The contest

    Phase 1 (Friday May 22nd)

    As part of the application process participants will need to submit a brief summary of up to 500 words to include:

    1. Your name
    2. Supervisor Name confirming consent to participate
    3. Research problem being addressed
    4. Idea(s) investigated and research goal(s)
    5. Potential impact
    6. Structure of the pitch presentation

    Following the evaluation process selected candidates will be invited to the next Phase.

    Phase 2 (May 27th afternoon)

    A multimedia virtual podium will be provided for participants to deliver a 5-7 minute live online pitch to the panel and wider audience attending MyResearch4Industry.

    The jury will evaluate the following key aspects:

    • state of the art of your subject
    • problem definition
    • potential impact of research developments
    • value of research for industry
    • communication

    Next steps:

    Results will be announced during the Innovation Fest Awards Ceremony on the 27th May, 16:00 – 17:30. All participants will be invited.

    Please submit your application by Friday 22nd May through this link:


    For more information contactZoe.Kazakou@bcu.ac.uk

  • Institution: Birmingham City University

    Project Coordinator(s): Rehan Bhana, Zoe Kazakou