The existence of a European Directive on the Bachelor and the Degree in Pharmacy demonstrates the importance, interest and topicality that these studies have in the European Space. For this reason, we believe it is convenient to prepare a multidisciplinary Doctorate that, in addition to deepening the knowledge imparted in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCM and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UAH, allows to transmit to the students the new knowledge, theoretical or experimental, necessary for their updating on current pharmaceutical issues that can be used in all fields of action of the pharmacist, whether they are assistance; of obtaining, characterization and control of medicines and drugs; of environmental health; of nutrition and dietetics; of technology and food hygiene or in Biotechnology. All the teaching and research groups of the different Departments that participate in this interdepartmental and interuniversity Doctorate Program are aware that a good training in Pharmacy can not be achieved exclusively from a single area of ​​knowledge but from the convergence and complementarity of these, being this idea the general feeling of the Faculty. That is why, a significant representation of the Departments of the Faculty is involved in the Doctoral Program either collectively or through groups, increasingly involved in interdisciplinary research lines. The viability of this Doctorate Program is based on the one hand on the high teaching and research trajectory of the 129 Professors that participate. Twenty of them do not have a sixth year of research because they are recent additions, but they contribute 5 jobs with a high impact index.

The rest are Permanent Professors and add a total of 292 research years, an average of 2.68 sexenios / teacher, as well as a large number of Research Projects in competitive calls within the National Plan. On the other hand, the research lines offered by this program are included, mainly, in the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research for the period from 2013 to 2016. Likewise, a large number of students of the present Postgraduate program They are doing their doctoral thesis in other research centers such as: the CSIC, Hospitals of the Public Health Network such as the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, La Paz University Hospital, CNIO and CNIC.

The PhD Program in Pharmacy aims to train PhDs in the multidisciplinary area of ​​Pharmaceutical Sciences, in order to achieve an improvement and a qualification for their professional development, to ultimately achieve their subsequent incorporation into the university system and public research, as well as develop an activity in productive development, primarily in laboratories, mainly in pharmaceutical laboratories that have R & D & I with which collaborations and agreements are maintained at this time.

To ensure the funding of the doctoral theses, according to the number of places offered, and confirm the viability of this offer, we have taken into account the large number of funded Research Projects, as well as the Stable Research Groups involved in the Program. Doctorate The collaboration that exists with groups, both in the national territory (55) and with centers outside the national scope (36), ensures the mobility of students during the development of their Doctoral Thesis. Within the context of the Doctorate Programs of the Spanish Faculties of Pharmacy, both public and private, including or not in Doctoral Schools, we note that the majority offer similar doctoral studies, such as the Universities of: Granada, Sevilla, Salamanca, La Laguna , Valencia and Alfonso X the Wise; other Universities offer more fragmented Doctorate Programs that encompass the same lines of research as the Program that is presented as the Faculties of the Basque Country, Barcelona, ​​Santiago de Compostela, Navarra and Murcia. These offers confirm the interest of Doctoral Studies in Pharmacy within the framework of university education.