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For decades, and for obvious historical and cultural reasons, the university study in our country of the peoples of North America had been limited to the Republic of the United States of Mexico, leaving the knowledge of the other two, the United States and the Dominion of Canada , in the deepest of forgetfulness. Even among the young departments of Anglo-Germanic Philologies the preponderance of English studies was directed towards the United Kingdom, and not towards the United States, Ireland or other English-speaking countries. It would not be until well into the decade of the 60s of the last century that the first doctoral theses were defended (always from a literary perspective) with the United States. With the rise of democracy in Spain and thanks to a better bilateral relationship with the United States, a greater number of Spanish scholars from the most diverse areas of knowledge devoted their dissertations to this country. And, already at the end of the 80s and throughout the 90s, perhaps again more from the departments of English or Anglo-German Philology, the university interest was increased by everything concerning Canada.