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The purpose of Medical Chemistry is the design and preparation of new compounds for biological evaluation, with the ultimate goal of establishing relationships between chemical structure and biological activity that contribute to the development of new drugs. Currently, the professionals working in this field are part of multidisciplinary teams, where the knowledge of Organic Chemistry is essential, but also of other related subjects, to make possible the understanding and interpretation of the complex problems involved in the interaction of drugs with biological environments.

A good part of the professors of the program have taken an active part in the development of this subject – Medical Chemistry, or Pharmaceutical Chemistry – in Spain, both in undergraduate studies in Pharmacy and in various related doctoral programs, some of them being Authors of texts of the subject. Similarly, others have participated in programs of Medical Chemistry, both undergraduate and doctorate in Chemistry. It can also be noted that a part of the professors have been involved in the creation of the first Pilot Plant for the scaling of drug synthesis in a Spanish university. After these previous experiences, it is expected that the union of the contributions of several universities and CSIC centers – centers included in the initial collaboration agreement for the development of the program – enhance the quality of the training received by students wishing to specialize in Medical Chemistry.