The legal professions are nowadays, as well as other areas of scientific knowledge, conditioned to the development of research activities, which contribute to the progress of this scientific knowledge, in order to solve the most pressing and problematic legal issues that affect the society. We can not forget that the research activity directly and finally reverses the quality of their educational project. The high level of demand that accompanies all the research processes that are currently followed in Spanish universities, and that are framed within the European Higher Education Area, translates into a permanent updating and improvement of teachers, which in the end it ends up reverting in the society of which they are part.

With the doctorate program in law, it facilitates those law graduates the possibility of researching on those subjects they studied during the degree and on those that they deepened in the university master’s degree, in order to complete the training cycle of the same and thus achieve legal experts capable of solving the most controversial legal issues. With the design given to the doctorate program in law, through broad and flexible lines of research, endowed with an internal scientific unit and with a multidisciplinary character, the main objective is to train high-level researchers and jurists, who have a clearly competitive profile in the field of legal expertise they have chosen. Passing the doctorate courses will entitle the student to obtain a doctorate from the university of alcalá. Specific information on the discipline in which the doctoral thesis has been prepared may be included; provided that this is established by the regulations on issue of titles. The doctorate represents the highest university degree that can be achieved, which is an added prestige to the training of any practicing jurist, and is the title of greatest academic importance within our education system.

Therefore, doctoral studies in law are aimed at training researchers and preparing research teams, training new teachers and improving the professional development of law graduates. All this contributes to the existence of legal professionals, experts in the field in which they have deepened through their doctoral studies, capable of solving the most complicated issues that arise, favoring the creation of a more just society. The program is justified by offering a series of interconnected themes around the concept of the legal system. There is a first block devoted to the general theory of law that is articulated as an open door to any type of research in the legal sciences. from there four themes are offered that show a logical concatenation between them. the company, the foreign worker, the incidence of public law on private traffic and finally, new trends in criminal law are linked to the line of work assumed by this law school and developed through different programs funded by the sector public as well as by the private sector.

In particular, the line of research “law and business”, proposes a high quality training and research offer can not ignore that a vast and relevant field of current legal sciences gravitates around the various aspects that concern the regulation of the company , as well as around the resolution of the multiple problems posed by its action in reality as a subject of law. In this complex context, “law and business” constitutes a line of multidisciplinary legal research that structures such aspects and problems in its different facets, including areas of commercial law and civil property law, labor law and social security, financial and tax law, as well as economic criminal law.

The research line is supported by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, made up of recognized specialists from the different specialties concerned. In addition, the line of research is related to the existence of the research group, called “right and company”, registered at the university of alcalá (registration code: ccss2007 / r14). the research and training trajectory of this research group and of all the specialists that make up the team is highly accredited, being, on the other hand, remarkable its remarkable degree of internationalization.