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The so-called “water crisis” has its origin in a demand and increase in uncontrolled uses; in the deterioration of quality and in nineteenth-century water policy and management. Policy and management model, which was formed in the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century and which has been overtaken by the radical transformation of our society, environmental problems and scientific and technological advances.

We are leading a change of paradigm in everything related to water and paradoxically the Spanish educational system and in particular the Autonomous Community of Madrid does not have a plan for training professionals in a specific and integrated way of responding to this problem.

At present, research on hydrological issues and their management are dealt with sectorally and partially from various disciplines. However, the social demand demands that these investigations be approached with a global approach, as it requires the complexity of the problems of use and conservation of the resource. A difficulty to approach a doctorate like the one that arises here is that in no higher education center of Madrid there exists a sufficient critical mass of specialist teachers. For this reason here it is proposed as an inter-university activity, to take advantage of the synergy of the different centers.

Another factor that adds viability to the project is that the problem of water is multidisciplinary, the participation of various centers facilitates the incorporation to the doctorate of students with very diverse training.

Finally, it should be noted that the groups of professors promoting this doctorate, accredit between 10 and 40 years of professional experience in their subject matter and are holders of numerous engineering projects, work management, research, also have a close collaboration with companies and water related organisms.