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The development achieved by geographic information technologies (Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Services associated with geo-positioning, Earth observation from different remote sensing platforms), and its rapid adoption in practically all sectors of activity, from the management of the natural environment to geomarketing, affects a growing demand of professionals and researchers well trained in the field.

The proposal of this doctoral program in TIG responds to this demand on the experience of our department (particularly the teaching unit of Geography), both in research and teaching activity in the field, reinforced by the participation of a cast of national and international researchers of recognized prestige. The ultimate goal of the doctorate is the training of researchers in the techniques that give title to the program, so that they can be used effectively to solve different scientific and territorial management problems. In short, it is intended that students enrolled in the program begin in the research activity in TIG, using the tools they offer to solve problems of environmental planning and land management.

Although the offer of postgraduate courses on geographic information technologies has been extended in recent years (Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia, Avila), our doctoral program has been a pioneer in these issues, and is still one of the few specific about these technologies. For this reason, our students come from very varied universities, both nationally and internationally. Students from the Complutense and Autonomous Universities of Madrid, Alicante, Lleida, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Castilla la Mancha, Santiago, Navarra, Extremadura, the Basque Country and Seville, as well as other universities in Mexico, Chile, have read doctoral theses in this program. , Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Mozambique, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Belgium. It is worth bearing in mind that at the University of Alcalá there is no degree in Geography, so all the students who access the doctorate come from other universities or degrees. This means that our PhD has had an important external impact, especially in degrees related to the environment: Geographers, graduates in Environmental Sciences, Agronomists, Geodesy and Cartography and Foresters, Biologists, Geologists, as well as some physicists, architects and engineers of Telecommunications.

In the official program of doctorate in Geographic Information Technologies (T.I.G.) have been read 76 doctoral theses, since its creation in 1990 (previously called Doctorate in Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing). This program received the Quality Mention of the ANECA in 2004, renewed in 2005, when it was part of the graduate program in T.I.G. along with the master’s degree in the same subject. As a doctoral program, designed according to the RD of 2005, it received the mention of quality in 2008 (reference MCD2008-00009), and the Mention to Excellence in 2011 (MEE2011-0655), with the same content as that included in this accreditation.

This program is integrated within the Doctorate School of the University of Alcalá, created by Order 11375/2012, of October 29, (BOCM 10-11-2012) for the organization and management of doctoral studies at the University, of the inherent activities to the formation and development of the doctoral students, and other activities coherent with the strategy of investigation and innovation of the University.