The Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Alcalá has been teaching since it was created in 1978, continuously issuing the Bachelor’s degrees in Economic Sciences (later transformed into a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics), Bachelor’s Degree in Business Sciences (later transformed into a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management). Likewise, since 1995 a second cycle degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences has been taught.

With the adaptation to the EHEA, the following subjects have been taught: Degree in Economics (2009), Economics and International Business (2009), Business Administration and Management (2009) and Accounting and Finance (2010). In addition, he has collaborated in the teaching of the former Diploma in Tourism, now converted into a Degree in Tourism (2009).

The official postgraduate courses implemented since 2007 in the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences have been:

Master’s Degree in Applied Economic Analysis (researcher).
Master in Management and Change Management (professional character with research itinerary).
Master’s Degree in Tourism Business Management (professional character with research itinerary).
In 2010, and related to this doctorate, two inter-university postgraduate programs were established at the University of Alcalá, which are:

Interuniversity Master in Auditing, Accounting and its Effects on the Capital Markets, with the Autonomous University of Madrid (of a professional nature with research itinerary) Interuniversity Master in Management of Organizations and Facilities of Physical Activity and Sports, “together with the Universities de León and Valencia (professional character with research itinerary).
In addition, since that same year 2010, the International Financial Training Center (CIFF), in collaboration with the Departments linked to this Doctoral Program, has been teaching a Master in Banking and Finance (in English), of an official nature.

Within the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (now of Economic, Business and Tourism Sciences), which has promoted this unique Doctorate Program, the concerns of the research groups have led to the emergence and development of two Research Institutes, which have requested their adhesion to the Doctorate Program by decision of its governing bodies. They are the following:

a) A group of researchers in regional economics and services led to the creation of the Applied Economic Analysis Laboratory in 1996, which has been recognized since 2011 as the University Institute of Economic and Social Analysis (IAES). have more than 35 competitive research projects and some 135 non-competitive ones, and has generated about 30 publications in journals indexed in the Social Science Citation Index (more information).

b) The former Chair of Economic Policy of the Company established in 1979 the Institute of Management and Business Organization (IDOE), to channel teaching and research in business economics, as well as relations with the industrial companies of the Henares Corridor. The IDOE, which has a line of its own publications developed twenty years ago through “working papers”, has done an outstanding job in the implementation of postgraduate studies and international relations with researchers in the Central European area (more information).

The International Financial Training Center (CIFF) is a Foundation created in 2001, in which Banco Santander and the University of Alcalá participate equally, which aims at postgraduate teaching (own and official degrees) and continuing education. It has several lines of research related to business finance and financial markets, and has research resources that have been made available to the Doctorate Program (more information).