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This program arises as a need to cover an aspect within a suitable and necessary scientific, academic and social context. As for the scientific context, the University of Alcalá has been training professionals from different branches of knowledge such as health sciences, physical activity and sport sciences, technical sciences such as engineering, etc. Fields that until now have been developed independently and we could say that in an individualistic way. It has been shown that human needs in health are becoming more complex and the need arises that the answers to these needs come necessarily from the union, from the collaboration of the joint work of different areas of knowledge.

Establishing biomechanics and technology as the guiding thread for the scientific development of all of them, allowing us to study the activity of our body, in different circumstances and conditions, and to analyze the mechanical consequences that derive from our activity, whether in our daily life, in work, when we play sports, etc. Taking as a special interest the movement of the human body and the mechanical loads and energies that are produced by said movement. This Program will allow us to study the effects of this activity using the knowledge of mechanics, engineering, anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy and other disciplines. Among those that nutrition is analyzing, studying and investigating the impact of nutrition on musculoskeletal health deepening among the biological determinants of bone quality, understanding as such the mechanical quality (resistance to deformation and fracture) of the supporting bone structure and the muscular quality in terms of mobility, strength and muscular resistance and circulatory quality. The integration of the statistical area comes to be incorporated into the Program in a concrete manner as an indispensable discipline to contribute from the beginning to the quality of the experiments through the analysis and study of the previous experimental designs of the works presented in this Program.

All the disciplines cited above are consolidated scientific disciplines, whose contributions are published in the best biomedical journals in the world. The EDUCERE project financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 Oriented to the Challenges of the Society, where intelligent toys were used for the early detection of development problems, through The natural interaction, which helps to diagnose early developmental disorders in children, in which proponent members of this Program have participated, demonstrates the need to continue advancing in collaboration between the different areas for development and progress in the discovery and implementation of march of processes in which the human movement and all its components without forgetting the psychosocial component as something fundamental that interact to adequately allow the different functions of human life, evidencing that science In addition to contributing to the development of society, it must do so way that helps equity.