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Industrial Doctorate Experiences at Alcala Hub

In this video, two PhD doctorates of Alcala Hub explain the insights and opportunities that an Industrial Doctorate offers. 1.- Alvaro García Ramos. PhD Student in Medical Chemistry. 2.- Jose Manuel del Toro Zarza....
24 August 2020 0

Presentation to new Doctoral Students

Ignacio Bravo, Director of Internationalization, has presented the insights of the PhDHub Erasmus+ projects showing new students how the business cooperation is a reality within the platform. He invited all new stude...
13 February 2020 0

Dissemination of PhDHub actvities

On 28th- november 2019, a dissemination of PhDHub for doctoral students took part in the "Colegio de Málaga" in Alcala de Henares. New users came to the platform!!...
07 February 2020 0