Industrial Doctorate Experiences at Alcala Hub

In this video, two PhD doctorates of Alcala Hub explain the insights and opportunities that an Industrial Doctorate offers.

1.- Alvaro García Ramos. PhD Student in Medical Chemistry.

2.- Jose Manuel del Toro Zarza. PhD Student in Advanced Electronic Systems.

They answer to different relevant questions:

  • Why did you decide to apply for this type of Doctorate?
  • Who did take the topics of your research line? Company/University?
  • Do you consider that the developments of your PhD Thesis in a company has more benefits than only in an University research team?
  • How is your experience working with other researchers in the company? Research Project Team?
  • How is the relationship between University and Company concerning the PhD workload?
  • What about IPRs? Previous agreement?
  • Prospects after doing the PhD doctorate, better job/earnings than with a Master degree?

The funding and research themes open a new way to approach the doctoral thesis.

More opportunities and ideas on the PhDHub website, an EU funded project.