About Us

What is the European PhD Hub?

The PhD Hub is an online portal for business-driven research. It centralises research and funding opportunities from the public and private sectors
and increases the transferability of the PhD results in the Industry and society at large.


Answer the converging needs of businesses, universities and PhD candidates for research and innovation.


Foster an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral and international dimension in the field of doctoral education and training.


Create a European-wide marketplace for business-driven research.


European University Foundation Advanticsys Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Auger Torque Birmingham City University Euroconsultants Hellenic Petroleum LSI Software S.A. University of Alcala University of Lodz

Associate Partners

Alumil City of Thessaloniki Deep-Secure Limited Eurodoc Indra Sistemas SA Lodzkie Region Lomonosov State University Microsoft Research Open Knowledge Foundation Plain Concepts StartMoney Technoport SA Titan Partnership University of Novi Sad